Posted by: Nick Burrows Posted date: 09 March 2016

Is It Just Me, Or Do Four Hours Not Go Very Far These Days?

It strikes me as odd that even with mobility, access to the internet and the plethora of apps designed to make our lives better…. half a working day just doesn’t go very far.  I have to admit that I was hoping for more out of 2016 in the form of time-expanding science and technology; but perhaps the reality is that work is gaseous and simply expands to fill whatever time vessel we try to put it in, regardless of innovation counter-measures.  As a result, we often find ourselves cutting important things out of our busy days, and nothing gets the bullet quicker than thinking about what we could (and possibly should) be looking to do next!  

Optimising time at fusionLIVE2016

As an example, I often wonder how much visitors to large expositions actually get out of their time spent wondering around the massive halls.  In our joined-up world where the value of technological solutions is more than the mere sum of its parts and CIOs and network managers need to figure out how to bend technology into the shapes required for their business, the sea of stands hosted by vendors, suppliers and integrators at such events must be a daunting sight.  And whilst high-quality conversations with individual vendors are easily achievable, the Achilles Heel of the mighty expo is revealed when you want to find out how products can be integrated to deliver the overall solution.

It was this thinking that led us to create fusionLIVE.

fusionLIVE aims to provide access to that same level of technical and strategic thinking, but on a much more personal level.  Designed specifically to deliver the most useful four hours of any CIO, network manager or systems administrator’s working year, fusionLIVE presents a blank canvas – and the paint box - to create a day that’s  specifically what they need.

Whether it’s a joined up conversation with a Wi-Fi, mobile device and virtual workspace vendors to pressure-test the levels interoperability required; a discussion around what hybrid cloud could mean to your business from a range of approaches; or hearing from leading strategic thinkers before discussing how to optimise agility in fixed-term contracts….it will not only be covered at fusionLIVE, but importantly  will be easily accessible. 

We are very proud of what we have achieved with fusionLIVE over the last three years and more effort than ever before is going into making sure that visitors leave better equipped to deliver the needs of today and are better informed to make the important decisions of tomorrow.  We have over 20 top vendors represented from a technical, commercial and strategic level who are at visitors’ disposal, based on whatever it is they need to achieve.  We have five carefully selected key-note speakers lifting the lid on strategic challenges and opportunity; there are multi-vendor mash-ups, hands on tech sessions, round-table discussions and, if needed, a place to catch up with what’s going on back at the office. 

While the scientific and tech community continues to fail in delivering us flux-capacitor based time-optimisation devices and we have to ensure that any four hour time-slot delivers optimal benefits, I’m confident that fusionLIVE 2016 represents a half day that will make any of our  customers’ investments in time to attend, most rewarding.   

We look forward to seeing you there on 21st April and putting the resources of fusionLIVE at your disposal to help optimise today, and begin to realise the opportunity of tomorrow.  To register your place, please click this banner:


Nick Burrows