Posted by: Phil Clark Posted date: 12 December 2016

An introduction to OnlineCompute

Organisations must look beyond ‘own-and-operate’ models and develop an understanding of how cloud can deliver value to their business.

In recent years the IT industry has been undergoing a transformation from applications being delivered from within an organisation’s own data centre to being delivered ‘in the cloud’. Whilst many have elected to build their own ‘private’ clouds, many have realised that many of their IT services do not warrant the investment in such and have looked instead to options from third party service providers. Under the umbrella marketing term that ‘cloud’ has become, many levels of ‘public’ and ‘private’ service and commercial models now exist and many complex technology dependencies have been formed.

In reality, the market has now concluded that the real answer to “Where should my IT services sit?” cannot be answered through a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Business applications should ideally be delivered from the venue that best fits their profile based on the required security, compliance, user access methods, cost, latency, resilience etc. This approach is increasingly being referred to as ‘Best Execution Venue’ an approach that relies on customers being able to access a range of service options for each specific IT service use case which may be integrated into a “Hybrid” solution – making IT work whether it is delivered on client premise, or in the cloud, seamlessly and in the most reliable way.

In most organisations ‘the cloud’ has been reduced to meaning something that can be procured from Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or other well-known brands. Indeed, for certain applications, these Hyper-scale clouds (generally available as Public Cloud services) work incredibly well, but are designed for transient workloads and are usually subject to heavily standardised commercial terms and service levels.

Successful delivery of many applications, especially those that are deemed mission critical or have a high profile within the business, requires flexibility in contractual terms and service as well as the platform itself. This mix can be hard to achieve cost effectively with hyper-scale providers. The Alternative OnlineCompute platform has been designed to provide customers with this level of service.

What is OnlineCompute?

OnlineCompute is part of the Alternative Online services Portfolio and delivers customers a high availability and highly secure IT infrastructure that can be relied upon to underpin the delivery critical business applications. Built on a custom-built shared infrastructure, OnlineCompute provides an alternative to on premise IT for applications that demand high availability and resilience, without any investment in the high-end infrastructure, staffing, support and licensing associated with more traditional ‘own and operate’ models.

Through our in-house expertise and strong relationships with leading market vendors such as HP and Microsoft, Alternative have designed a robust and futureproofed environment with the agility and flexibility to rapidly evolve in line with the ever-changing market. This provides a safe and reliable start point for our customers’ journey to the cloud, ready for the challenges of today, but flexible enough to deliver against those of tomorrow. Although very much a stand-alone IaaS offering, the OnlineCompute platform is at the heart of our product development strategy for additional services, consultancy methodologies and unified visibility and control; part of our vision for a seamless upgrade path to hybrid cloud.

To uphold UK and European data protection regulation the Alternative OnlineCompute platform is hosted from our highly secure and resilient data centres in the UK, and includes disaster recovery options available to your IT services ‘out of the box’. Since our inception in 1994, Alternative have delivered managed IT and Telecoms infrastructure solutions for thousands of clients across a wide range of industries. Our online suite of products and services are built up this wealth of experience and ‘know-how’ to deliver the very best customer experience terms of simplicity, robustness, reliability and performance.

Delivered as a Service, the OnlineCompute environment is available to customers within minutes of a request being made, significantly reducing ‘time to value’ and reducing on boarding costs. At a commercial level, charges are made at a ‘per service per hour’ level, giving customers ultimate flexibility in acquiring the IT infrastructure they need, when they need it rather than as a major CapEx spend with little optimisation controls to ensure strong returns on the investment.

If you think OnlineCompute could be a winner for your business then get in touch with one of our specialists today. Alternatively click here for more info.

Phil Clark