Posted by: admin Posted date: 15 November 2016

Alternative Spotlight: Senior Internal Sales Executive

At Alternative, our personnel are as diverse as the products and solutions we provide to our clients. We recruit from a wide range of backgrounds and aim to provide long-term, satisfying careers. To achieve this, we try to ensure that jobs are not merely fulfilling and rewarding, but suited to the way the individual employee works. In this week’s spotlight we speak to Senior Internal Sales Executive, Alastair.

Describe your journey from your education into your current role?

I had to put my university degree on hold part way through my studies into Professional Broadcast Techniques, at Media City, due to a work accident rendering me incapacitated for a few months. I had decided prior to this that media wasn’t the right field for me to go into so, I guess this was a blessing in disguise.

Following a full recovery, I moved to the AA and had my first taste of a sales environment working on the phones selling breakdown cover. After this, I moved to Metronet for a short stint of as senior new business sales and providing MPLS solutions for many large enterprises. My success here gauged the interest of Alternative in September 2015, and so a year on, here I am.

What is the most interesting part of your role?

The most interesting part of my current role is the opportunity to have in-depth conversations with new people while uncovering potential opportunities. The lenghtier the conversation, the more I enjoy it and the bigger the opportunity.

In your view, what's next/upcoming in this industry? What are you specifically observing yourself?

2016 was a year of 'hackers' and 'DDoS attacks'. I know our partnerships have given us an extra edge on the competition and knowing about the cost of Alternative, a lot of my conversations around networks really open up when I mention DDoS solutions tied with Alternative's packages. Although an issue today, I think mobile security will become a headline priority for many organisations' IT departments.

What is the greatest transformation in technology you've witnessed in your career?

As ridiculous as this sounds, for me, the greatest transformation has to be the ability to stay connected underground. I'm able to keep abreast of current news and keep my social life going 50 - 100 ft below ground, which would have been impossible 3 - 4 years ago for the general public.

How is today’s technology affecting businesses? How are you preparing yourself for the future in this industry?

Internet of Things (IoT) is increasing the risk of mobile hacks as more and more household items are being connected by apps. Currently I am learning more about advancements in LAN and what happens when staff bring their own device onto the corporate network, in other words, BYOD.


Listen to the people around you because some times even the smallest piece of information or advice might come useful at some point of your career and the more you know the further you will go.



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